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Address: Šiaulių g. 26, LT-32105 MAGUTIŠKIŲ VS., ZARASŲ SEN., ZARASŲ R.

Comfortable and quality outdoor furniture from a pine tree Pleasure to rest!



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Address: Savanorių pr. 178, LT-03154 VILNIUS, Lithuania

Statybų servisas, UAB imports marble, granite, travertine and other types of natural stone (polished and burnt slabs of various thickness, standard tiles of various sizes, etc.) from Greece, Italy, Spain and China.


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Address: Jonavos g. 254A, LT-44132 KAUNAS, Lithuania

UAB TOP SOFA is a manufacturer of custom-made soft furnishings. It manufactures soft furnishings not only for café-bars, hotels, and restaurants, but also for homes.


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Address: Pramonės g. 141, LT-11115 VILNIUS, Lithuania

VDI Baldai, UAB specialises in custom furniture design and manufacture. The main materials used in the production process are natural wood, chipboard, medium density fibreboard and the accessories provided only by the German manufacturer BLUM.


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Address: Klaipėdos g. 99, LT-74233 VIEŠVILĖ, JURBARKO R., Lithuania

Joint Stock Venture “Viešvė” founded in 2006 specializes in importing high quality timber from Northern Russian regions and its treatment. The company focuses in two production aspects - manufacturing frame buildings and finish timber as well as production of furniture components (bed slats etc.). All our ...

12 kėdžių, UAB

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Address: S. Konarskio g. 28A, LT-03127 VILNIUS, Lithuania
Address: Drujos g. 2, LT-11342 VILNIUS, Lithuania
Address: Mustivere Pärsti vald, Estonia
Address: Jaunvāles iela 1, Valmiera, LV-4201, Latvia

4Home OÜ

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Address: Tammi tee 59 Vatsla Saue vald, Estonia

4Room OÜ

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Address: Vääna Harku vald, Estonia

A. Kaulinio IĮ

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Address: Taikos g. 61, LT-28351 PAKALNIŲ K., LELIŪNŲ SEN., UTENOS R., Lithuania

We produce different wooden turned and milled feet for furniture. We also produce different component parts out of plywood, MDF and wood. We sell the parts for furniture manufacturers and for clients from other branches of industry. We produce the articles according to the drawings, samples and requirements of our ...

Address: Rožių g. 4, LT-38357 BERČIŪNŲ K., NAUJAMIESČIO SEN., PANEVĖŽIO R., Lithuania
Address: Raua 3 Viljandi , Estonia

A. Mutso OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: E.Kitse 8 Tartu , Estonia
Address: Katlakalna iela 13/1, Rīga, LV-1073, Latvia

A.T.I. Mööbel OÜ

Lithuania E-mail http://www.atimöö
Address: Eha talu Paduvere Jõgeva vald, Estonia
Address: Strēlnieku iela 9 - 5, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvia


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Address: Uosių g. 21, LT-11103 VILNIUS, Lithuania

AA Sisustusdetail OÜ

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Address: Tallinna mnt 80 Uuemõisa Ridala vald, Estonia

Aabo Mööbel OÜ

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Address: Ujula 1A Tartu , Estonia
Address: Pae 48A Lasnamäe Tallinn , Estonia

Aava OÜ

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Address: Pärnu mnt 8 Karksi-Nuia Karksi vald, Estonia
Address: Lohu talu Leemeti Pärsti vald, Estonia
Address: Cēsu iela 31, III korp., 1. stāvs, Rīga, LV-1012, Latvia

ABALDAI, individuali veikla

Lithuania E-mail
Address: S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno g. 3, LT-78250 ŠIAULIAI, Lithuania
Address: Šiaulių g. 26, LT-32105 MAGUTIŠKIŲ VS., ZARASŲ SEN., ZARASŲ R.

Comfortable and quality outdoor furniture from a pine tree Pleasure to rest!


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