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Address: Beržų g. 38, LT-36202 PANEVĖŽYS, Lithuania

UAB "Naideka" affords metal treatment services: production of technological equipment (stamps, press-forms), production of nonstandard equipment, production of welded constructions, plasma, gas cutting of sheets, extrude of details, CNC plasma cutting, CNC milling, folding of CNC sheets.


A. Budko individuali veikla

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Dariaus ir Girėno g. 173, LT-02189 VILNIUS, Lithuania

We design, manufacture and mount various metal products as per individual orders. We use metal, wooden and/or glass decorations.

The company designs and manufactures metal staircases and other metal products.

A. Budko individuali veikla


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Address: Pramonės g. 6, LT-62175 ALYTUS, Lithuania

UAB "Almecha” projects, produces, repairs: stamps for metal cutting, bending, formation, forms for plastics casting, preforms, forms for vacuum-formation and thickening, devices, conveyors, transporters, tables, stacks, carriages, hangers, metal welded constructions, nonstandard equipments, technological lines for ...

Address: Geležinio Vilko g. 2, LT-03150 VILNIUS, Lithuania

The backbone of the company is welding equipment specialists with more than 25 years of experience.The maim business field of the company is retail and wholesale trade in welding equipment as wellas welding consumables.The company delivers products and welding consumables of leading welding equipment manufacturers to ...



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Address: Draugystės g. 19, LT-51230 KAUNAS, Lithuania

Punching, bending, cutting, tooling, galvanising, zinc plating, production of stamps.

Address: Ateities g. 10, LT-08303 VILNIUS, Lithuania

Mutecha apsaugos sistemos, UAB is a modern automation company with many years of experience. We provide our services for a wide range of businesses (food industry, wood and metal processing) not only in Lithuania, but also abroad.


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Address: Liepų g. 12, LT-53416 KLUONIŠKIŲ K., ZAPYŠKIO SEN., KAUNO R., Lithuania

Manufacture of metal products and fittings, powder coating, assembly, packing.


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Address: Veiverių g. 150, LT-46391 KAUNAS, Lithuania

JSC “AUTOSABINA METAL” is a manufacturer of metal structures, located in Kaunas second big city of Lithuania. Company was founded in 2010 and sharing old traditions, taken from JCS Autosabina, which roots date back to 1920.


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Address: Pramonės g. 4, LT-14149 VAIDOTŲ K., PAGIRIŲ SEN., VILNIAUS R., Lithuania

From preparation to painting, all our services are related to powder coating.


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Address: Metalo g. 7, LT-02190 VILNIUS, Lithuania

JSC BMTC supplies metal-working manufacturing with equipment and technology.


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Address: Pramonės g. 12, LT-35100 PANEVĖŽYS, Lithuania

Laser cutting of ferrous metals, aluminium and stainless steel. Welding, bending and machining of aluminium, stainless steel and other metals. Production of non-standard products.


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Address: Stadiono g. 16, LT-92271 KLAIPĖDA, Lithuania

EDVITIKA UAB carries out the preparation of metal surfaces for painting as well as painting work-from small metal structures to vessels, anti-corrosion painting of essential structures, and painting oil containers. For the surface preparation for painting,we se blast cleaning with abrasive materials in accordance with ...


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Address: Metalo g. 7A, LT-02190 VILNIUS, Lithuania

The main activities - metals wholesale and retail, metal production wholesale and retail, metal constructions and structural components production, metal cutting and chopping, production transportation services.

Enermega, UAB

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Address: Naujoji g. 128, LT-62003 ALYTUS, Lithuania

Enermega, AB designs, manufactures, repairs and sharpens profiled and planer knives for wood processing, planer and milling heads with hydro-clamping, drills, milling cutters with soldered HSS or HW blades and replaceable blades. Metal machining services on CNC machine tools.


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Address: Metalų g. 14, LT-68461 MOKOLŲ K., ŠUNSKŲ SEN., MARIJAMPOLĖS SAV., Lithuania

Deal in CNC turning and milling machines, sawing machines, vises, magnetic clamping systems, rotary tables, drill grinding machines, tapping machines, tools and tool holders.

J. Ragelskio IĮ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Verslininkų g. 30, LT-72114 TAURŲ K., TAURAGĖS SEN., TAURAGĖS R., Lithuania

We produce and sell electric fencing and binding measures for the cattle, metal troughs for pigs, plastic stakes and insulators for the cattle fencing. For the fencing we offer bands produced in Germany, metallic ropes, wire and winders of our production intended for comfortable work.


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Address: Pramonės g. 14, LT-62175 ALYTUS, Lithuania

Design and manufacturing of metal products; assembly and packaging; design and manufacturing of combined metal and plastic products; design and manufacturing of metal doors.


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Address: Jočionių g. 53, LT-02300 VILNIUS, Lithuania

Founded in 1962, the Company has extensive experience and an excellent reputation; it has assembled equipment and performed repair works in all Lithuanian thermal power stations. The company also carries out work in major oil and chemical industry companies and on construction sites, both in Lithuania and abroad. This ...


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Address: Draugystės g. 17, LT-51229 KAUNAS, Lithuania

Metaco, UAB is a metalworking company that can offer the following services: laser cutting, perforation, bending, welding and powder coating. Using the 3-D designing software, we can design separate details or even an entire assembly. This allows us to not only avoiding mistakes in the production process, but also to ...

Nosted & UAB

Lithuania E-mail
Address: J. Basanavičiaus g. 114, LT-28214 UTENA, Lithuania

Nosted mechanika, UAB is a company with extensive experience in the production of anti-skid wheel chains, snow clearing and light forestry equipment. We produce chains of various types, sizes, thicknesses and weights for cars, ATVs, trucks and buses, heavy-duty snow clearing, forestry, agriculture, fishing industry ...


Lithuania E-mail
Address: Puodžialaukės g. 22, LT-42375 PANDĖLYS, ROKIŠKIO R., Lithuania

The main business area of the company is creation of technological transportation systems, construction of various metal structures. We design and manufacture non-standard products on individual orders. We export products to other countries.


Lithuania E-mail
Address: Metalistų g. 7, LT-78120 ŠIAULIAI, Lithuania

Production of metal items and constructions. Production of plastic items using injection - molding technology.


Lithuania E-mail
Address: Žirnių g. 4, LT-02120 VILNIUS, Lithuania

Our company is engaged in processing metals (aluminium and zinc-coated, black or stainless steel) and owns the equipment for cutting, bending, rolling, perforating, and welding metals, as well as abrasive water-jet cutters, band-saw cutters, and drilling tools.

S. Rickevičiaus firma

Lithuania E-mail
Address: K. Škirpos g. 2-1, LT-49212 KAUNAS, Lithuania

Metalworking services - turning. Turning of parts for the machine production and furniture manufacturing industry. We work with the CNC turret and longitudinal lathe. We are able to turn parts of up to 3,500 mm in length.


Lithuania E-mail
Address: Smėlynės g. 112, LT-35113 PANEVĖŽYS, Lithuania

Wholesale and retail in: welding and cutting equipment, consumables; industrial and portable air compressors; air cleaning, ventilating and conditioning equipment; pneumatic and electric tools; vacuum lifters and manipulators.

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