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For many years the Liskandas, UAB factory has been manufacturing houses in accordance with Norwegian prefabricated house technology. We have gained a lot of experience in building timber frame houses in a number of European countries. All houses are built according to a separate design. The construction, insulation and other issues are discussed with the customer, engineer and project manager.

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Manufacturing of timber frame houses.
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From the very establishment of Liskandas, UAB we have gained a lot of experience and therefore are able to prefabricate quality timber frame houses in different sizes and for various intended uses. Liskandas, UAB is a Norwegian-Lithuanian company that manufactures houses according to Norwegian technology.

Scandinavians are proud of having developed an easy, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient house design. We have gained extensive experience through our long-term cooperation with Norwegian and Swedish construction professionals and, as a result, we are able to offer great products to our customers in Lithuania and other European countries.

Initially, we built prefabricated houses in accordance with the Scandinavian standard in Norway and Sweden. Today, we are developing our projects throughout Europe.

Liskandas, UAB always considers the customer’s needs with regard to uniqueness, quality and safety. We are able to manufacture houses according to the customer's plans or create the drawings ourselves based on sketches, designs and shapes provided by the customer. We can also create decorative details for your house.

A separate unit of Liskandas, UAB manufactures trusses. Truss drawings are prepared using the MITEK computer software “RoofCon TrussCon,” intended specifically for wood construction design. Trusses are produced using a machine press. Wooden elements of a truss are connected with special serrated fasteners made of perforated steel. When mounting the trusses with a special press, the fasteners are evenly pushed in on both sides with a force of 25-35 tonnes. This technology is widely used in Western European and Scandinavian countries.

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