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Address: Šiaulių g. 26, LT-32105 MAGUTIŠKIŲ VS., ZARASŲ SEN., ZARASŲ R., Lithuania

Comfortable and quality outdoor furniture from a pine tree Pleasure to rest!



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Address: Jurgiškių g. 45, LT-62181 JURGIŠKIŲ K., ALYTAUS SEN., ALYTAUS R., Lithuania

Production of polyurethane foam blanks is the main specialisation of UAB Vita Baltic International” based in Jurgiškiai village in Alytus region, belonging to one of the largest producers of polyurethane the Vita Group since 1997.Parts for soft furniture and mattresses, pillows, sponges, packing and orthopaedic ...

Address: Sodžiaus g. 50, LT-97100 KRETINGSODŽIO K., KRETINGOS SEN., KRETINGOS R., Lithuania

The business field of INEKSA – trade in raw wood, wood products, impregnation of wood and wood products. Wood products are exported to Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands.



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Address: S. Nėries g. 107-241, LT-12117 VILNIUS, Lithuania

JSC “Akrilo linija” is an up-and-coming company that seeks continuous development. We produce artificial-stone countertops, which bring cosiness to your home as well as beauty and luxury to your eye. The tops are made of Corian and Montelli materials.


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Address: Liepų g. 12, LT-53416 KLUONIŠKIŲ K., ZAPYŠKIO SEN., KAUNO R., Lithuania

Manufacture of metal products and fittings, powder coating, assembly, packing.


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Address: Naujoji g. 138, LT-62175 ALYTUS, Lithuania

Alseka, UAB is one of the leading window and door producers in Lithuania. Our activities include designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of windows, doors, showcases, conservatories and structures made ​​of plastic, wood and aluminium. Our customers may choose from a wide range of wood types and ...


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Address: Neries g. 4, LT-54370 DOMEIKAVA, KAUNO R., Lithuania

UAB ASIGA – specializes in the manufacture of exceptional furniture. In collaboration with the architects and designers the company offers exceptional solutions of interior and furniture for private and juridical subjects.


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Address: Pramonės g. 24, LT-55196 MEŠKONIŲ K., DUMSIŲ SEN., JONAVOS R., Lithuania

CJSC “Azuolitos prekyba” core activity is supplying various oak elements and unedged oak boards to customers both in Lithuania and abroad. The oak elements and boards produced by the company are made of Russian and Ukranian-origin oak wood.


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Address: Marių g. 8, LT-40103 PAKETURIŲ K., KUPIŠKIO SEN., KUPIŠKIO R., Lithuania

Sales of coupling equipment, fixing elements, tools: staples, nails, bolts, hammered-in nuts, hot-melt adhesives, pneumatic tools, BIZEA offers pneumatic nailing tools and fittings that will make the work performance faster, more reliable and more economical.


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Address: Chemijos g. 5-131, LT-51327 KAUNAS, Lithuania

Boll Interiors UAB was founded in December 2011. The company's activity is wholesale and retail trade of various pieces of furniture.


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Address: Meistrų g. 8, LT-36101 PANEVĖŽYS, Lithuania

Since 1991 Individual Company "KOVAS” specializes in the production of bearable mechanisms, metal frameworks for soft furnishing, production of sprung blocks "Bonel” and "Pocket” for soft furnishing, production of double-sided sprung mattresses. It produces unitary sprung blocks and double-sided ...


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Address: Kirtimų g. 49B, LT-02244 VILNIUS, Lithuania

The company is engaged in manufacturing, wholesale trade, export of stainless steel kitchen furniture.


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Address: Radvilų Dvaro g. 6, LT-48322 KAUNAS, Lithuania

We design and manufacture internal veneered doors and various pieces of furniture from veneer, solid wood, chipboard and MDF according to individual orders. We sell wooden children's cots, bedding and accessories for babies.


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Address: Jonavos g. 254A, LT-44132 KAUNAS, Lithuania

UAB TOP SOFA is a manufacturer of custom-made soft furnishings. It manufactures soft furnishings not only for café-bars, hotels, and restaurants, but also for homes.


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Address: Vytauto pr. 32-307, LT-44328 KAUNAS, Lithuania

Retail and wholesale trade in building and furniture panels, panel cutting services. Wood chipboards. Wood fibreboards. Plywood (laminated, humidity-resistant, ground, bacalite). Oriented strand boards (OSB).

A. Kaulinio IĮ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Taikos g. 61, LT-28351 PAKALNIŲ K., LELIŪNŲ SEN., UTENOS R., Lithuania

We produce different wooden turned and milled feet for furniture. We also produce different component parts out of plywood, MDF and wood. We sell the parts for furniture manufacturers and for clients from other branches of industry. We produce the articles according to the drawings, samples and requirements of our ...

Address: Cēsu iela 31 k-3, Rīga, LV-1012, Latvia
Address: Punane 6 Lasnamäe Tallinn , Estonia

Acrülam OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Patika 2/1 Patika Rae vald, Estonia

Agenda Pro AS

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Savimäe 8A Vahi Tartu vald, Estonia
Address: Meža iela 4 k-4, Salaspils, Salaspils nov., LV-2169, Latvia


Lithuania E-mail
Address: Draugystės g. 17, LT-51229 KAUNAS, Lithuania

Alpek FL OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Hoidla 9 Vaida Rae vald, Estonia

Aluuks OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Peterburi tee 47 Lasnamäe Tallinn , Estonia

Andeston OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Silikaltsiidi 8 Nõmme Tallinn , Estonia

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