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Abaci OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Kuuse tee 6 Haabneeme Viimsi vald, Estonia
Address: Kalevi pst 72 Pärnu , Estonia

Alfons Hakans OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Ahtri 12-208 Kesklinn Tallinn , Estonia


Lithuania E-mail
Address: Estonia pst 5 Kesklinn Tallinn , Estonia

Amisco AS

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Tõnismägi 9 Kesklinn Tallinn , Estonia

Approve CeliSar OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Luise 19 Kesklinn Tallinn , Estonia

Avanport OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Erika 5A Põhja-Tallinn Tallinn , Estonia
Address: Liimi 1 Kristiine Tallinn , Estonia
Address: Mooni 18 Kristiine Tallinn , Estonia
Address: Tuukri 17 Kesklinn Tallinn , Estonia

Bominflot Estonia AS

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Pärnu mnt 21 Kesklinn Tallinn , Estonia

Bossa Sailing OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Paldiski mnt 21 Keila , Estonia
Address: Narva mnt 53 Kesklinn Tallinn , Estonia

Cargohunters AS

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Merivälja tee 5 Pirita Tallinn , Estonia
Address: Toome pst 23 Nõmme Tallinn , Estonia

CMA CGM Estonia OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: A.H.Tammsaare tee 47 Kristiine Tallinn , Estonia
Address: Räime 15-8 Haabersti Tallinn , Estonia
Address: E.Vilde tee 56-19 Mustamäe Tallinn , Estonia

Eckerö Line AB OY Eesti filiaal

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Sadama 25/4 Kesklinn Tallinn , Estonia

Eclipse Chartering OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Viru väljak 6-68 Kesklinn Tallinn , Estonia

Eesti Mereagentuur AS

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Sadama 17 Kesklinn Tallinn , Estonia

Eesti Merelaevandus AS

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Sadama 4 Kesklinn Tallinn , Estonia

Eestinova OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Kose tee 33A Pirita Tallinn , Estonia
Address: Rohuneeme tee 1 Haabneeme Viimsi vald, Estonia

Estfert Maritime OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Regati pst 1 Pirita Tallinn , Estonia
Address: Liepu str. 4, 2nd fl, LT-92114 KLAIPĖDA

Fertimara UAB is a company that is engaged in cargo transportation by sea, ship brokerage and chartering, and provides freight forwarding services. The company also offers customs brokerage and warehousing services as well as cargo handling in the port of Klaipeda.

“Ship brokerage, chartering, ship agents”.


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