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Construction activity, finishing work, gypsum wall mounting, gypsum ceiling mounting, sub floor mounting, windows mounting, windowsills mounting, parquetry mounting, parquet mounting, floorboards mounting, linoleum mounting, carpet adhesive, planks mounting, rendering, grinding, priming, painting, wallpaper gluing, fresco painting, decor, plastering, tiles gluing, clinker gluing, electrical work, internal network installation, external electricity network installation, water supply installation, sewerage network installation
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R. Grimalio gamybinė-komercinė firma

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Address: Džiaugsmo g. 5, LT-96365 NIBRŲ K., PRIEKULĖS SEN., KLAIPĖDOS R., Lithuania

Sells and rents various building scaffoldings: facade scaffolds and modular scaffolds that meet the highest quality characteristics and all requirements of construction norms. German Layher facade and modular scaffoldings, rental, trade. Rental of construction towers and Bosch aluminium towers. Mini excavators 3,5t ...

R. Grimalio gamybinė-komercinė firma


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Address: Sodų g. 5, LT-71136 ŠAKIAI, Lithuania

Production of high quality glued finger-jointed and solid pine wood beams, used for windows and doors profiles production. Beams for European, Scandinavian and English windows and doors systems. Production capacities up to 1000 m3 of glued wood products per month. Also we produce finger-jointed edge glued panels, ...



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Address: Jurgiškių g. 45, LT-62181 JURGIŠKIŲ K., ALYTAUS SEN., ALYTAUS R., Lithuania

Production of polyurethane foam blanks is the main specialisation of UAB Vita Baltic International” based in Jurgiškiai village in Alytus region, belonging to one of the largest producers of polyurethane the Vita Group since 1997.Parts for soft furniture and mattresses, pillows, sponges, packing and orthopaedic ...


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Address: Loretos Asanavičiūtės g. 13A-35, LT-04300 VILNIUS, Lithuania

The company offers a new, professional and creative construction and real estate solutions to customers in a pleasant enviroment.


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Address: S. Nėries g. 107-241, LT-12117 VILNIUS, Lithuania

JSC “Akrilo linija” is an up-and-coming company that seeks continuous development. We produce artificial-stone countertops, which bring cosiness to your home as well as beauty and luxury to your eye. The tops are made of Corian and Montelli materials.


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Address: Gamyklos g. 5, LT-96155 GARGŽDAI, Lithuania

Designing, manufacturing, trade, installation and maintenance of windows, showcases, winter gardens, constructions from plastic; Production of wood windows, doors and winter gardens. European, Scandinavian type windows and doors. Profiles REHAU, production of windows, sliding doors, partitions, export, exporters


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Address: Veiverių g. 150, LT-46391 KAUNAS, Lithuania

JSC “AUTOSABINA METAL” is a manufacturer of metal structures, located in Kaunas second big city of Lithuania. Company was founded in 2010 and sharing old traditions, taken from JCS Autosabina, which roots date back to 1920.


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Address: Marių g. 8, LT-40103 PAKETURIŲ K., KUPIŠKIO SEN., KUPIŠKIO R., Lithuania

Sales of coupling equipment, fixing elements, tools: staples, nails, bolts, hammered-in nuts, hot-melt adhesives, pneumatic tools, BIZEA offers pneumatic nailing tools and fittings that will make the work performance faster, more reliable and more economical.


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Address: Kareivių g. 19-118, LT-09133 VILNIUS, Lithuania

DASFA ir Ko UAB - quality building materials from reliable manufacturers, the calculation of estimates, and consulting. We are ready to submit the entire output to residential and commercial construction sites, we can arrange delivery of goods in Lithuania as well as other European countries (the Baltic and ...


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Address: J. Janonio g. 2B, LT-35101 PANEVĖŽYS, Lithuania

We operate in the market of construction materials trade. We trade in various construction blocks, construction fibre, foam polystyrene, reinforcements, and tiles. We are official representatives for: TexoBLOCK, SILKA, YTONG, KNAUF, Multipor, Knabe, Desimpel, Terca, Nelissen, Porotherm, Penter, Nelskamp, Koramic, ...


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Address: Šeškinės g. 55A, LT-08343 VILNIUS, Lithuania

ITR grupė is a team of certified and experienced engineers as well as geodesy and construction professionals, who can duly and timely perform even the most complex projects. From large industrial and public buildings to comfortable individual houses. Our works speak for themselves!


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Address: Pramonės g. 14, LT-62175 ALYTUS, Lithuania

Design and manufacturing of metal products; assembly and packaging; design and manufacturing of combined metal and plastic products; design and manufacturing of metal doors.


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Address: Verkių g. 44, LT-09109 VILNIUS, Lithuania

MEDŽIO CENTRAS started its activities 10 years ago. Now MEDŽIO CENTRAS is a specialized shopping center offering wood products, flooring, doors, trim, outdoor structures and other building materials, covering over 15,000 m2 on a 6-hectare area. The extended range of products and renovated buildings are waiting for ...


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Address: Gamyklos g. 19, LT-96155 GARGŽDAI, Lithuania

MIDA LT - a professional roofing manufacturer and a leader in delivering product realization services among the Baltic States and the European Union member states, which produces polymer-modified bitumen roofing sheets: flexible tiles for pitched roofs and membrane roofing for flat roofs of different color, ...


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Address: Artojų g. 27, LT-53275 IRENIŠKIŲ K., GARLIAVOS APYLINKIŲ SEN., KAUNO R., Lithuania

The main product groups the company offers: Engineering plastics, advertising plastics and construction plastics Sealing and thermal insulation materials, rubber products Conveyor belts, transmission belts and chains Technical hoses The main production areas: Manufacture of technical components Commercial, advertising ...


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Address: Kirtimų g. 57A, LT-02244 VILNIUS, Lithuania

We produce armoured security doors (security class RC2, RC3 and RC4 according to ENV1627), fireproof, bulletproof FB4 and entrance doors. Doors are tested in Ift Rosenheim laboratory in Germany. Limitless design possibilities, flexible production terms, 10 years of experience.


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Address: Savanorių pr. 178, LT-03154 VILNIUS, Lithuania

Statybų servisas, UAB imports marble, granite, travertine and other types of natural stone (polished and burnt slabs of various thickness, standard tiles of various sizes, etc.) from Greece, Italy, Spain and China.


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Address: Gamybos g. 5, LT-62175 ALYTUS, Lithuania

The first company in East Europe started to produce thermo-insulated facing panels on the ground of foam polyurethane in 1992 according to the technology of Canadian company. In 2003 the company has started to produce the product of new type - thermo-insulated facing panels KL on the ground of clinker bricks 245x65 mm ...

Address: Draugystės g. 19, LT-51230 KAUNAS, Lithuania

Lithuanian-German company "Tidlo", established inf1995, is currently one of the largest Lithuanian fasteners wholesale companies. For the Lithuanian market the company offers a complete range of standard fasteners: made from carbon steel, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 property class; without and with different protective ...


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Address: Savanorių pr. 180, LT-03154 VILNIUS, Lithuania

Design and manufacture of stainless steel products for glass constructions; design and manufacture of custom-made steel products; design and manufacture of composite metal and glass products.


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Address: Sasnavos g. 70, LT-68110 MARIJAMPOLĖ, Lithuania

The company sells modern agricultural equipment, machines and tractors; it supplies agricultural spare parts, provides maintenance for industrial-agricultural complexes and individual farmers, as well as agricultural equipment repairs and other necessary services.

Address: Lvovo g. 25, LT-09320 VILNIUS, Lithuania
Address: Reola Ülenurme vald, Estonia
Address: K. Kasakausko g. 15, LT-85367 AKMENĖ, Lithuania
Address: Nepriklausomybės g. 33, LT-85242 PAPILĖ, AKMENĖS R., Lithuania

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